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See life through the partner lens

Having more data points doesn’t drive more revenue from partners.


You think you know your partners well. You know more about what they do with you than ever before, collecting data on every marketing, sales, training and partnering interaction.

All of this data is historical. It is the vendor lens.

It does not tell you how your partners engage with their buyers in the market.


The Partner Lens


Our data is different. We view data through the partner lens.

Intelligent IndexTM is the world’s largest partner capability database. It collects the stories that partners are presenting on their products, solutions, skills and capabilities to generate new customers. It generates outcomes to tell you what should be done for every partner in your ecosystem.

No data list can provide this actionable insight to increase speed to revenue.

Intelligent Index features

  • Over 500,000 channel partners
  • More than 70 countries
  • Products and Technologies presented
  • Brands used to influence buyers
  • Partner digital engagement
  • Data analysis using predictive and prescriptive analytics
We drive outcomes to tell you what is likely to happen and what should be done.
How To Channel your partners strengths
Learn how to channel your partners' strengths

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