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We are one of LSEG's 1000 Companies
to Inspire Britain


bChannels has been identified as one of London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain. The report is a celebration of the UK’s fastest-growing and most dynamic small and medium sized businesses across the UK.


Phil Gowing, bChannels Group CEO/Founder:
A very big thank you to the London Stock Exchange for officially recognising bChannels as a top inspirational company in Great Britain. Our team has grown bChannels from a UK based business to a global operation with offices on every continent.  We are extremely proud of our heritage and business values that continue to drive us forward.


Nikhil Rathi, CEO, London Stock Exchange Plc:
We warmly congratulate all of the companies identified in this year’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ report. Five years on, the report continues to demonstrate the strength and diversity of British businesses across the country. These dynamic companies are the backbone of our economy, playing an important role in the UK’s ability to innovate, export and grow. This report is a significant part of London Stock Exchange Group’s broader campaign to support UK high growth companies. We are committed to championing British businesses and Britain’s dynamic entrepreneurial spirit.

bChannels' Story


bChannels has been providing specialist services to large technology companies for around twenty years.  Over that time our mission as a company has remained pretty much the same.  We work for the world’s largest technology companies.  We provide a range of consulting and outsourced people services to help these companies sell their solutions to businesses around the globe.

Our company started out in the UK, working mainly in Europe, but these days we’re truly a worldwide business.  We opened our office in North America around six years ago, and soon after we started in Australia and Kuala Lumpur.  Recently we opened up in Brazil.  Our clients are based around the world too, and we work for most of our clients in multiple countries.

In order to do this we employ people who are used to working internationally.  If you visited one of our offices you’d hear a whole range of languages being spoken.  And we have to work in a very structured way to coordinate projects across multiple time zones.

Over the years since we started out, we’ve built business relationships with most of the world’s leading technology companies.  You’ll have heard of some of these companies, like Microsoft, Intel and IBM.  We work only on the ‘Business to Business’ side of these companies, not on the ‘Retail’ side.  So we’re helping a typical client, like IBM, to market and sell their solutions to business customers, large and small.  It’s a very specialised area, and we have many experts on staff.

Over the years since we started out we’ve seen huge growth in our business at bChannels.  From a small office in the UK we’ve grown to be a truly global business, employing people at many levels in our various offices, and service some of the world’s largest companies.

Phil Gowing and Matt Rowland-Jones now run bChannels, which has become a leading multinational technology marketing specialist.  But it was not always that way.  Phil and Matt started in a small room near Oxford in the UK, with a couple of employees, and for some years it was hard to find new clients.  Phil and Matt were both passionate about technology, and how it’s developed and sold by the very largest companies, like Microsoft.  And they knew that even very large companies like Microsoft need help understanding how highly specialised solutions are bought by business customers, and how buying patterns differ around the world.  Soon the office was too small, and there were more people than desks for them to sit at!  Which proves that Phil and Matt were right.  Even very large technology companies need additional insight and support in order to succeed.