What's your background?

I studied Politics and International Relations which provided me with robust skills to enter the professional market. I’ve now been working in Channel Marketing for the past seven years with a strong focus in supporting IT clients growing their business by fostering strong relationships with their partners. I’ve worked in many areas of the business, from consultancy to marketing services. I have also held an operational role by setting up and leading our office in Malaysia.

Describe how you came to be in the role you’re in now.

It’s been a very diverse journey! I started as a Marketing Executive working directly with our vendor partners and supporting them with marketing initiatives, I then started taking more ownership and developing my skills and took part of the management group. I have developed my management skills in the past years with a passion in developing people and going the extra mile for our clients. I also have very strong operational skills which make me an “all-rounder”.

What part of your personality makes you most suited for your job?

I’m a very driven person and that helps motivate and influence others. I’m logical-minded and I see structure where there is a mess. Also, I have a positive “can-do” attitude.

What’s your favorite thing about working at bChannels?

The people, the flexibility and the constant learning.

How would you describe bChannels to someone who is thinking about working here?

bChannels is a young and flexible company that embraces their employees and treats them fairly. It’s a very supporting environment where individuals are encouraged to learn and develop. It’s also very fun and you can get the chance to learn new languages and cultures!

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