What's your background?

I was born in Italy and I was raised in Sicily. I studied Economy and Travel at the University of Catania. I came to the UK in 2014 to work for Tripadvisor Ltd as they headhunted me and I wanted to experience life and work in another country. My background was in sales and I’ve developed these skills working in different companies such as TripAdvisor as a Sales Executive and in Sales Management in EuroCall. I love playing sports especially football as it appeals to my competitive nature. I love to win.

Describe how you came to be in the role you’re in now.

I joined bChannels in 2016 as MST and I have been covering several different sales projects. Thanks to my sales background I have a good grasp of how to navigate a sales call and can use my negotiating skills to discover what the partner really wants. Due to my continued performance on the sales projects, my Program Managers took an interest in my skills and asked me to join new projects as a an experienced sales lead to advise and inspire other team members.

What part of your personality makes you most suited for your job?

I believe that my positive attitude and my ability to motivate others as well as my desire to create a positive atmosphere and environment has led to my being well suited for my job. I am seen as a trustworthy person. I am driven and competitive so I like to make sure my project is one of the best, just like my football team Catania!

What’s your favourite thing about working at bChannels?

My favorite things about working for bChannels is the familial environment and the relatively flat management structure and the flexibility to work from home when necessary. The flexibility offered has helped me to perform to my potential and get a good work life balance. The opportunities to learn new skills and to progress your career are also something that I value at bChannels.

How would you describe bChannels to someone who is thinking about working here?

I would highlight that the environment is very cool and fun to work in. The opportunities for progression and the ability to learn different skills are unlike any other company I have seen. bChannels really cares about their people.

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