What's your background?

Multimedia production, sounds design & music business marketing.

Describe how you came to be in the role you’re in now.

My family was brought to move to Oxford and so that meant new challenges, new job :)

What part of your personality makes you most suited for your job?

I like to think of myself as a people person! That's really who I am and have always been so given that bchannels is really a people's business, it's a match made in Oxford :)

What’s your favourite thing about working at bChannels?

I like the open reach environment and trust you are quickly able to establish. I have simply not ,to date, seen  a more flexible and understanding employer.

How would you describe bChannels to someone who is thinking about working here? 

bChannels is like a book and anyone who joins has the opportunity to write their very own page! And even when you master the craft, the staff's diversity guarantees you will always have something to learn!

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