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Maximising the value of your marketing spend

Maximising the value of your marketing spend


Through channel marketing is complex. With multiple grey areas around who funds what, who spends what, how it is spent and if there’s a tangible return; these are all issues that have been bouncing around the channel for years.

Times are changing faster than ever before.  Vendors and partners, always challenged to prove return on funds given to partners, are facing more pressure around how their marketing funds are spent and trying to prove their marketing works. A scattergun approach just won’t cut it these days, where accountability and evidence are all-important. Plus, budgets are smaller so every single pound spent really does count.

Partner marketing challenges:
Giving money to partners in the form of market development funds (MDF) doesn’t always reap benefits. Matched or non-matched, partners still need to spend your money wisely in an attempt to sell your products or raise awareness of your brand. Are they really doing a good job of spending your budget and are they conveying your messaging and brand in the right way? If not, your money is wasted and your already diminishing funds may be further cut the next time you have a new proposition or product to promote.

The missing puzzle piece:
What’s missing is knowledge. Do your partners have the capability to run digital marketing campaigns? How do you find out– really find out – apart from just taking what is said/promised at face value or basing it on past history?

Sure, partners can tell you they have sent out an email about your products but if there’s no strategy behind it or no integrated marketing approach, you gain very little insight about the return you are getting on the money that has been spent. Do they have a go-to-market process they follow or is it just finger in the air stuff? Which partners excel in digital marketing for products like yours and which don’t?

Guess work, word of mouth, hearsay and partners exaggerating their capabilities may have previously been the foundation for deciding where to invest your marketing funding. It doesn’t have to be this way any longer.

Here’s the evidence you need:
Now it’s possible to find out the knowledge and evidence you need in order to make informed decisions around who best to invest your MDF in. Rather than guesswork, historical relationships or word of mouth, the facts and figures are all available for you – and this is where bChannels comes in.

Our insights – powered by Intelligent Index – can help you to:

✓ Identify partners with a good online presence and who are capable of generating leads using your funding

✓ Highlight partners who need to be nurtured through marketing education and enablement packages

✓ Understand partner strengths and weaknesses

✓ Maximise your marketing spend

We have worked with Dell, Avaya and many others to do just this. Typical outcomes?

  • 20% increase in usage of MDF budget
  • 2,500 campaigns executed
  • 27,000 leads generated in one year

Put simply, we help you to gain an in-depth overview of the marketing capabilities of partners you may be working with now, and also those you may not be working with but have great potential to take your product to market successfully.

By bringing existing partners up to speed with marketing or bringing new ones on board, the bChannels Digital Partners solution can transform your channel partner marketing and help take your business to greater levels of MDF success. 

We also offer a range of products that assist vendors in overcoming their channel related challenges, from partner recruiting to partner relationship management support. Take an individual product, or combine them into an end-to-end solution. Watch what our customer have to say about Digital Partners

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