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Navigating the Roadmap to Digital Partners - Infographic

Navigating the Roadmap to Digital Partners - Infographic


How digital savvy are your partners?

With two-thirds of technology revenue flowing through an indirect channel, there’s a lot at stake. And with 80% of the buying process carried out online, vendors need to get their partners engaged in digital marketing – now.

Read the Infographic to navigate the roadmap to digital partners and transform your partners’ digital presence. Click on the image to open it.

Navigating the Roadmap to Digital Partners Infographic Open in browser

How can we help? bChannels has built the capability to deliver Partner Segmentation both for partners’ traditional engagement capabilities and now for partners Digital Capabilities.  Find out more by downloading our e-book on Navigating the Roadmap to Digital Partners' .

If you're interested in understanding how bChannels enables partners in their digital partner strategy, take a look at the Digital Partners services page here. 

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