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Partner Sales: Identifying Revenue Growth Hotspots

Partner Sales: Identifying Revenue Growth Hotspots

The way companies buy technology services – and the way channel partners need to position, market and sell them – are changing rapidly. All-digital buying interactions are becoming the norm, and subscription-based services and marketplace supply models are beginning to dominate the market. The typical buyer journey involves a growing number of touchpoints, interactions and transactions between vendors, partners and customers.

To succeed in this new digital landscape, and maximize channel revenue performance, vendors must constantly adapt their partner marketing programs. They need to have the right partners engaged at the right time, in the right way, to deliver the shortest time to revenue.

But vendors cannot be ‘always on’ to all their channel partners all the time. They need a way to accurately identify which partners to work with, and quickly create tailored propositions that win and retain partner mindshare, as new offerings are created and evolved.

Unfortunately, the traditional approach to partner targeting does not fit this new partner marketing landscape. It involves developing very detailed partner profiles based on vendors’ own data, perhaps supplemented by purchased lists. This inevitably provides a ‘vendor lens’ view of partners.

A more intelligent, dynamic approach is needed. One that is built around rapidly changing, real-world channel insight, based on intelligent, automated analysis of partner data. Only then can vendors move away from simply building partner profile lists, and instead perform a far richer analysis that ensures they employ the right partners – today in in the future – based on their true capability to deliver.

As Gartner put it in its May 2021 CSO & Sales Leader Conference, “If you haven't started looking at AI [as part of the digital buyer journey], you're going to be left behind in 6 months."

This is why bChannels has developed the Growth CapabilityTM product, specifically to give vendors a ‘partner lens’ view of their channel partners’ capability to deliver its technology, the competitive market battlegrounds, the drivers of immediate and long-term revenue growth, and the market success factors that influence partners. Using AI, we analyze thousands of keywords that tell the ‘story’ of every partner’s capability to deliver.

With this insight, vendors can drive the right propositions to their channel partners in a way that closes immediate revenue gaps, builds long-term mindshare, and recruits the right partners for the future. It helps maximize channel revenue performance by ensuring the right partners are engaged at the right time in the right way to deliver the shortest time to revenue.

Read more about the bChannels ‘partner lens’ approach to identifying revenue growth capability hotspots by downloading our white paper, Finding partner revenue growth hotspots: a data-driven, ‘partner lens’ approach to identify growth capability', or contacting us.

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