End User Strategy


Buyer Journey

Defining milestones in a customer's desicion making process and where vendors can insert themselves with the greatest impact on purchase. In this process, we identify the points in the process and the actions that need to be taken for vendors to maximise their revenue and affect the decision before ever speaking to a partner or customer.

bChannels has a unique understanding of technology channels and how they drive purchase behaviors. This allows us to provide insight into the journey for different buyer environments leading to actionable outcomes. 


Customer Segmentation

Clustering buyers into common characteristics according to key traits, offerings and strategies. It allows companies to create tailored approaches and solutions for different customers sets based on their unique needs.

bChannels has created customer segmentations for the largest technology companies in the world. Using these segmentations, we have enabled vendors to address individual customer needs based on tailored solution offerings.


Customer Perception

Using qualitative and quantitative research techniques to understand experiences, opinions and needs as well as gaps in solutions offered. This provides valuable intelligence for organizations in their attempt to attract and retain new and existing customers and guide offerings, solutions and benefits.

bChannels execute thousands of surveys and in-depth interviews every year. These insights have contributed to major strategic decisions across our global technology client base.


Choice Based Modelling

Evaluating the key characteristics that have the most positive correlation to customer buying decisions. This research technique enables effective decision-making on the right complex offering of an interlinked set of benefits, features and potential price points.

bChannels has dedicated statistical expertise in designing and analysing this complex process. This is a growing technology channel need as companies try to set the right programmatic mix of financial and soft benefits.