Market Strategy


Competitive Benchmarking

Benchmarking provides vendors with a comparative baseline of how they perform against adjacent players. The recommendations and actionable outcomes will help vendors to prioritize their strategic investments to become best-in-class.

bChannels leverages our proprietary techniques and unique network to gather insights not available through standard searches. Our framework provides a rich picture that can be customized to every vendor's specific needs. 


Landscape Assessment

It delivers insight into trends surrounding ecosystems, verticals and horizontals. The collected intelligence allows companies to understand how they fit and are positioned, with actionable recommendations to align market perception to their strategic goals.

The bChannels business model is founded on understanding channels and technology routes-to-market. No one is better placed to provide an understanding of the technology landscape than us.


Distributor Audits

It objectively evaluate capabilities, loyalty and coverage of the vendor distribution. This is used to make the tough decisions on which distributors should service your organization and which should not, as well as being applicable to all other channel partner types.

bChannels has a proven methodology for assessing the value of individual distributors and other partners. Our global footprint gives us the expertise to effectively execute these audits for any market, any partner type and any company size.


Route-To-Market Planning

It establishes the most appropriate go-to-market channel strategy mix. It provides guidance on the best practice for engagement and how to make the most impact through strategic and tactical actionable recommendations.

bChannels has created a proprietary assessment and planning model that guides route-to-market strategies. It is fully customizable, scalable and can be applied to any technology vendor specialty.