Partner Strategy


Partner Segmentation

Clustering ecosystems into common characteristics according to key business traits, offerings and strategies. It allows companies to create tailored approaches for different partner types based on their unique needs.

bChannels has created partner segmentations for the largest technology companies in the world. Using these segmentations, we have enabled vendors to tackle new and existing technology offerings with the right partner blend.


Partner Perception

Using qualitative and quantitative research techniques to understand experiences, opinions and needs, as well as gaps in the vendor offerings. This provides valuable intelligence for organizations in their attempt to attract and retain new and existing partners, and guide offerings, solutions and benefits.

bChannels executes thousands of surveys, in-depth interviews and partner advisory councils every year. These insights have contributed to major strategic decisions across our global technology client base.


Value Proposition

Validation is implemented into key steps: Step 1 develops and fine-tunes the terminology and phrases you use to explain your offering; Step 2 tests these component statements with an appropriate target audience to establish their worth for use in sales, marketing and partner recruitment.

bChannels has an established framework for identifying what value exists in your offering, how you should be presenting it and who you should be targeting. We have used this technique to validate value propositions for the largest IT vendors worldwide.


Partner Identification

Models ecosystems into the partners that have strong affinity and high propensity for success in selling vendor solutions. This technique can cover initial identification and modeling of suitable partner clusters all the way to recruitment of net new companies into your ecosystem.

When technology companies need to understand who they should partner with, we have a proprietary model that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accurately identify your next top partner set. In addition to our AI, we leverage our globally based, native language capabilities to maximize recruitment and on-boarding success.