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Delivering competitive insights to help you make informed decisions

As a technology vendor, you deserve better answers to your increasingly complex channel questions. This means having access to competitive insights that are based on real facts and analysis, not hearsay and speculation.  

Competitive Intelligence combines industry analysis, expert insight and partner validation to gather the information you need to refine your offers, go-to-market strategies or future goals.

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Get to the insights you need

Compare against the published program offers

Keeping regular track of what your key competitors are doing to stay on trend or ahead of the curve requires significant effort. Comparing your offer against your chosen vendors allows you to focus on the most important areas for innovation and differentiation. Maximise your time and funds by investing in the right areas.

Understand what is implemented, and what isn’t

Published program offers provide a good baseline, but what is announced and what happens is not always the same. Validating through our expert network how channel program elements are actually deployed offers additional insights into how much of announced programs really get delivered in full. Guide your efforts to what is achievable, not the impossible ideal.

Get a reality check on the partner experience

For channel partners there may well be a difference between what vendors think partners need and what partners want from the programmatic engagement and support they receive. Talking to a partner sample to find out what really matters to them when it comes to selling your brand will give you the edge over your competition. Invest in the areas that make the biggest positive difference to the partner experience.

Real facts and insights

No hearsay, no marketing messaging, but confirmed and validated content that reflects the current competitive environment in the channel partner programs selected.


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Comprehensive coverage

Insights are gathered from published program, expert and partner sources, allowing for analysis that is holistic, validated and reliable.

Vendor comparisons and best practices

Analysis and evaluation of which competitors perform best in which areas, as well as where gaps and differentiation opportunities lie.

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Start making insights-driven decisions about your strategic channel partner program levers with Competitive Intelligence. Get in touch with us today, and start investing into the programmatic areas that provide the most value.