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Competitive battleground intelligence tells you the partner battles worth fighting for

Every partner you work with is a competitive battleground.  Not every partner is committed to your brand or your technology.  Future product revenues come from partners who have shared interests and vision.  Using Intelligent IndexTM, the world’s largest partner capability database, Growth CapabilityTM shows you where you can win mindshare with partners who are not just technologically capable of fuelling your growth, but also most likely to engage with you to get there. 


Find the partners that will drive growth

See the potential in your total addressable market

Knowing where to target, and the size of the opportunity gives you the right start. We show you the growth hotspots in the landscape – so you can decide what is worth putting your effort into winning.

Drill down with partner precision targeting

Once you know where to target, you need to know who to target. We take your target hotspots and identify the partners you need to gain mindshare and revenue. Be ready to deliver the right activities to precisely the right partner audience.

Decide when to make your move

Partners buy from you for different reasons. We tell you how important your technology is with target partners so you can decide when and how to engage them.

Target the landscape hotspots

Identify the number and size of the partner groups that form naturally in your addressable market.


Growth Capability Select the partners that can drive future revenue2

Select the partners that can drive future revenue growth

Drill down into which partners have the potential to grow your future product revenues

Re-run, review and improve

Compare your mindshare gains and losses with your competitors in your chosen technology. 



A one-time benchmark that delivers your initial growth hotspots, partners and competitive battlegrounds


Per partner performance, capability and engagement indicators


Dashboard (PowerBI) and .CSV outputs


Up to 5 competitors included


Starting from one country


Add re-runs and track your performance versus your competitors over time.

Base plus:

2 x re-runs


Indicator tracking


Market success factors

"Ecosystem management is one of the most critical issues facing enterprises.  Too often, decisions are made on historical data which does not reflect the changing nature of channels.  Our analysis unlocks potential for revenue growth."

Phil Gowing, Group CEO and Founder, bChannels

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