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The spotlight is on digital marketing capability to accelerate pipeline

In order to effectively scale your through partner marketing, you need to be able to deliver the right digital campaigns with the right partners. That’s more than just creating great digital campaigns and content.  It’s about knowing your addressable market.  You need to understand the marketing capabilities and brand focus within your partner channel so you can focus the right activities on the right partners.

bChannels provides global technology marketing services as part of The Channel Company to deliver the insight you need to foster stronger business outcomes. Using Intelligent IndexTM, Marketing CapabilityTM tells you exactly who is capable of driving digital demand, who needs support and which partners need investment to win brand mindshare.


Know which partners will drive digital demand

See every partner’s digital marketing capability

Precision targeting using Intelligent IndexTM tells you who is capable of driving digital demand now and who needs support to become capable. We make sure you focus your marketing development funds on the right partners to deliver your marketing goals.

Understand your competitor presence in every partner

Every vendor is trying to win partner mindshare for their brand. It’s the strongest indicator of where future revenues will go. When you know the digital marketing battlegrounds you know where you need to win mindshare.

Match the activities to the capabilities

Once you understand partners’ digital marketing capabilities and which brands they use to drive demand, you can put in place the right activities and campaigns that match the partner’s digital capabilities.

Marketing Capability insights at your fingertips

Your Marketing Capability dashboard tells you the addressable market for the technology you select.  See partners’ digital marketing capabilities and their engagement with your brand.  See the focus for the best short term returns and where there are opportunities to focus in the medium term.



Mapping your digital marketing battlegrounds

Mindshare is everything, with your end customers and especially with your partners. We show you where your mindshare is most lacking, and most present, so you know where to focus your efforts for maximum impact.

Different partner, different focus

Not every partner will be right for every campaign or activity type. With our expert insights, we help you identify which campaign types fit which partners – and who’s most capable of delivering results – so your activity is well placed every time.

Marketing capability partner view 2


Get started with a view of your partners’ digital marketing capability and suitable activities


Per partner performance, capability and engagement indicators


Dashboard (PowerBI) and .CSV outputs


Marketing capability analysis for your brand only in unlimited countries


Add digital presence insights and see the key digital marketing battlegrounds for your target technology

Standard plus:

Marketing capability analysis in up to 10 countries for: - your brand - up to 5 competitor brands - up to 5 specific technologies

"bChannels’ analysis reveals big potential to develop our partners’ marketing muscle. It shows exactly where we can proactively support our partners and help them increase their digital presence."

Jessica Blackall, Senior Advisor, Channel Marketing Enablement at Dell Technologies

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