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Finding partner revenue growth hotspots

A data-driven, ‘partner lens’ approach to identify growth capability

The past year has seen dramatic changes in the way companies buy technology services – and in the way channel partners need to position, market and sell them – as things like subscription-based services and marketplace supply models become the norm rather than the exception.

For vendors, this means an almost constant process of alignment and realignment with an evolving partner ecosystem. As well as needing to be able to make decisions on the size and shape of their partnering models – and the partners in them – to drive future revenue growth, vendors also need to be able to hit short-term revenue goals through their existing partner ecosystem.

Currently vendors typically rely heavily on lists of partner profiles, generated according to past actions, from an internal ‘vendor lens’ perspective. The bChannels approach instead takes a ‘partner lens’ view. This uncovers partners’ existing propositions, their positioning of the vendor’s brand versus the competition’s, and their future value to the vendor.

In this White Paper, we set out how to put in place a successful ‘partner lens’ framework.