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How to channel your partners’ strengths

We have the data you don't have

Technology brands rely on partner networks. Do you have the right mix of channel partners to support your brand now and in the future?

With over 100,000 partners and 368 million data points, Intelligent Index from bChannels is the smarter way to find the perfect partner. Download the eBook to see how enriched data can help you to channel your partners’ strengths.

What’s inside the eBook?

Channelling your partners’ strengths is about discovering the power of the right partnerships. In this eBook we explore four challenges faced by channel professionals seeking to build and manage those partners now and for the future:

  • Challenge #1: Partner Recruitment: how to keep pace with the rapid evolution of your products
  • Challenge #2: Partner Digital Marketing: how to maximise the value of your marketing spend
  • Challenge #3: Partner Sales: how to meet your annual growth targets
  • Challenge #4: Partner Network Management: how to decide when – and who – to invest in, retain or move on.