Identifying Your Partners That Matter


Our channel partner profiling services are delivered by industry thought leaders who understand the factors needed for partner networks to effectively sell your products, services, and solutions.  We build models that cater to your individual organization and your unique offerings and are used to understand each partners propensity for success in your channel partner network.


We provide back-office and years of experience in channel and partner networks to deliver on channel marketing services for the largest technology companies in the world.


bChannels offers channel partner profiling and modeling services that will help you spend the right amount of time with the right number of partners to drive successful revenue generation from your channel.  We've found that most often, partners have a difficult time filtering through all of the "noise" sent at them through their technology vendors.  The partners that find the most success are those that are completely aligned to reselling the right products and solutions for their own organization's client base.  We'll help you identify your aligned partners to increase your probability of successful channel revenue by profiling your partners, modeling the components that drive success, and ranking partners with the greatest affinity for selling your unique product, service, or solutions offerings.

Deep profiling and segmentation of partners using proven methodologies

Online tools with machine learning to identify ideal partner profiles

Partner landscape analysis and coverage gap analysis 


Get started creating a more effective partner channel. Our professionals would love to talk to you about how partner profiling can help your business.